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Camping barbecues, safety tips

Going Camping is an excellent alternative to enjoy an outdoor family vacation. The change of environment and contact with nature are beneficial for everyone, it implies abandoning our daily habits and our family environment, just for a few days, and also gives you the possibility of having a healthy and varied diet.

If you have chosen to stay in a bungalow, you will have a small kitchen with a fridge with everything you need to cook, however, if you come in a tent or caravan, you will have to bring all the necessary utensils to do so, and what is very important You have to take into account that you will not have a fridge to keep food fresh, so you will have to adapt to it. If you wish, you can rent a refrigerator at the Campsite reception, but with a few tips, you will be able to manage without it, you simply need good planning.

As utensils you will need: Folding chairs and table, 1300w gas stove or grill plate, gas cartridge, lighter or matches, paellas or casseroles, hard plastic plates and glasses, cutlery, opener, multipurpose knife, portable fridge (to be able to put ice), basin to take the pots to the sink, cleaning kit with soap, scourer and rags.

On your list of non-refrigerated foods it is important to bring a basic set of spices (salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, and others according to taste); canned legumes, vegetables, fish in oil and meat; Rice and dried pasta; soups and dehydrated products; Nuts, as well as vegetables and dried fruit that can last a couple of days without refrigeration.

But, we must not forget that going to a campsite is also synonymous with family barbecues, so it is important that we keep in mind that they are an ideal plan to have a good time and enjoy a good culinary experience. At the campsite you will find a barbecue area with picnic tables at your disposal, but if you wish, you can bring a portable barbecue to your plot as long as you use it responsibly. Do not forget to include coal in your shopping list.

To guarantee your safety and that of all other campers, we leave you with some basic tips to maintain safety with barbecues:

Always place the barbecue outside, never inside the store, bungalow or porch.
Place the barbecue depending on the wind.
Avoid using alcohol or gasoline for ignition.
Never leave the fire unsupervised.
Always have a bucket of water or sand handy to extinguish it if it spreads
Always turn off the embers and keep an eye on them until they go out when you’re done.
When you’re done, put the garbage in a bag and throw it in a designated waste area.
Remember that it is totally forbidden to make a bonfire or bonfire on the ground due to the risk of fire.
There are thousands of recipes to cook on the grill, meat, fish or vegetables, simply roasted, on a skewer or previously marinated, they will be the kings of the table and it will be a succulent meal to share with the whole family. Which is yours? Always use fire responsibly.

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