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Tips for camping with a tent

There is always a first time for everything, if you have not yet had the opportunity to discover the world of camping and you are thinking of trying a holiday in the open air, camping offers you a type of stay with a unique feeling of direct contact with nature, as well as the possibility of taking walks and excursions through natural environments without the need to make long journeys.

Alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family, the important thing is to choose the right store for our needs, today you don’t have to be an expert, there are countless expensive and cheap options that suit all budgets.

So that you do not leave anything out, here is our list of essentials to enjoy your stay:

Sleeping and camping:

A good hammer to drive the pegs into
Sleeping bags or blankets
Mats and/or inflatable mattress, without forgetting the inflator
Battery-powered handheld flashlight and headlamp.
Brush (hand) and dustpan to clean the floor of the store.
Plastic under tent

Folding chairs and table
1300w gas stove or grill plate
450 g power gas cartridge
Lighter or matches
Nonstick cooking pans or casseroles
Hard plastic plates and cups
Cutlery, opener and utility knife
Portable fridge (to be able to put ice)
Drawer, bucket or similar to take pots to the laundry room
Cleaning kit: Soap, scourer and rags

Rope and clothespins.
Mosquito repellent and sun cream
Toilet paper roll and garbage bags
An extension cord of at least 25 meters
Towel, swimsuit, cap, sunglasses….

Rain jacket
Thermal T-shirt
Shower flip flops
Swiss knife
Ropes and duct tape
Earplugs (in case the neighbors snore).
A piece of advice: Do not buy something until you have needed it at least twice.

You can always be more minimalist and remove some things from the list, it depends on the type of trip you have planned. You can also add some, depending on your tastes, for me, for example, one of the best moments of the day in a campsite is the smell of fresh coffee in the morning at daybreak, so a coffee maker is missing from the list .

From Camping la Corona de Cambrils we wish you a happy stay.


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