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Sleeping in a campsite feels good

Sleep, like eating or drinking, is a biological necessity. Unfortunately we do not always sleep well, whether due to noise, problems or stress, daily life in cities takes away our sleep and the ability to rest well, altering our state of mind, affecting our immune system, and in a prolonged way, the lack of sleep could cause us serious health problems.

Sleeping in a campsite, surrounded by nature or under the trees, provides us with an effective, calm and pleasant rest. In a campsite there is no light, atmospheric and acoustic pollution typical of the city, so the silence, the oxygen, being on vacation and leaving our usual daily space, favors us to relax and renew our nocturnal balance.

It’s not just the amount of time we spend sleeping that matters, it’s also the quality of sleep. In a campsite, you will do without artificial lighting, contributing to a better synchronization of our internal clock, which allows us to fall asleep better at night.

The quality of the air is also better, so the pure air and natural oxygen provide vitalizing particles that the body absorbs not only through breathing, but also through skin cells, contributing considerably to our relaxation.

However, not only the environment matters, remember that if you come on vacation with a tent, this type of stay offers contact with nature with few comforts, so do not forget to prepare your ground below, insulate it with a plastic sheet to avoid humidity and bring a mat or an inflatable mattress, also necessary elements for you to rest well.

Remember that sleep is essential for good physical and mental health, so we encourage you to come and recover your natural rhythm at Camping La Corona.

Enjoy a camping holiday!