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Why go camping with children?

In the digital age we live in, where screens seem to dominate our time and attention, there is one special place where families can truly reconnect: at Camping Cambrils Caban! 😍

At our campsite, an incredible natural space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, parents and children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique experience that strengthens family bonds, encourages exploration and teaches valuable life lessons.

Why go camping with children? We’ll tell you about it!

Benefits of camping with children

Connection with nature

In an increasingly digitally connected world, direct contact with nature is a necessary respite.

Remember when you were little and spent hours and hours in the street playing with your friends? Surely you want that for your kids too, right?

At our campsite, you can create a thousand and one memories like this one. Because these moments are the ones you will remember when they get older 😊.

Outdoor teaching

Camping is an excellent way to teach practical skills such as how to pitch a tent, prepare food, wash clothes in the laundry, respect nature… These skills foster independence and confidence in children.

Take advantage of your getaway in our campsite so that the little ones not only live a playful experience, but also an educational one.

Quality of family time

Without the usual distractions of screens and busy schedules, camping offers a unique space to strengthen family bonds. Games, stories under the stars, bike rides, family activities? The options are endless!

Health benefits

Being out doors not only improves mood, but also has physical benefits. Activities such as walking, swimming or simply playing outdoors are excellent forms of exercise that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The peace of mind you get from spending a few days camping is… indescribably incredible 🤗.

Curiosity and exploration

For a child, every aspect of camping can be an adventure. From exploring a new trail to finding insects by lifting a rock, camping stimulates curiosity and the desire to learn.

You know… Children are very curious, so all the facets of camping will surprise and delight them.

What can you do at our campsite with children?

Stories under the stars

Get together at night with your family, under the stars, and tell a story (real or made up). Fun, don’t you think? Moments like these are what strengthen your bond and allow you to create moments you will never forget.

Classic outdoor games

Organize classic games such as sack races, hide-and-seek, hopscotch or blind man’s buffalo. These games are ideal to promote group fun, have a good time and activate the body. They are also ideal for playing with children.


Card or board games

Don’t forget to take portable card or board games to spend family time in the evenings (or whenever you feel like it, of course). If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that there will be plenty of laughter at the event!


Remember that in our campsite we have a children’s entertainment program so that children always have something to do. We organize contests, gymkhanas, mini-disco, costume workshops, drawing workshops and board games.

We also have a free play area, where you can join them and share with them.

activities with children in camping

There are many activities to do 👏🏻

Enjoy a happy family experience!

Camping with children is not only fun, but also educational. It is an experience that can help develop life skills and create unforgettable family memories. So… Why not plan your next outdoor getaway? Your children will thank you for the rest of their lives ♥



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