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Altafulla and Tamarit

A castle on the sea

Altafulla is an emblematic and charming town on the Costa Dorada that allows you to enjoy all the tranquility and beauty of a municipality with a great artistic and cultural heritage.

In it you will find several vestiges that speak of its history:

La Vila Closa (medieval complex enclosed by remains of walls, with the church of San Martín and the castle), the Roman villa of Els Munts (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and the promenade.

With the guided visits to Vila Closa you will be able to learn about the history of Altafulla. If not, on your own, you can visit the maritime quarter and Roman area of Els Munts. In the marine district, in addition to history, you will find shops and restaurants.

Next to Altafulla we find the Castle of Tamarit and the beaches of La Mora. From Tamarit there is a coastal path that leads along the beach to the city of Tarragona while going through some of the best beaches and coves in the area. Unique places where the forest reaches the sea creating extremely beautiful landscapes.

For its part, the castle of Tamarit, documented from the 11th century, contains defensive and residential elements; a prison, watchtowers and a Romanesque church. The church is one of the purest and earliest examples of Romanesque architecture in Tarragona. From 1681 the castle was owned by the Archbishop of Tarragona and the Marquises of Tamarit, until it was bought by an American art collector at the beginning of the 20th century. He restored it and restored it to the beauty with which we can see it today. Today it is used as a private location where only events such as baptisms or weddings can be held.

Singular corners that you cannot miss.

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