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Cambrils Gastronomy

Discover its renowned gastronomy

Cambrils has been known since the beginning of tourism for its gastronomy. Thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains, the inhabitants and travelers of Cambrils enjoy a wide variety and quality of products:

On the one hand, the land provides the extraordinary extra virgin olive oil that is produced in their cooperative, which under the name “Mestral” has won numerous international competitions. The field also provides irrigated products from the orchard: tomatoes, lettuce, artichokes, watermelons, melons, peaches, nectarines… In addition to nuts, cereals and vines that still grow on dry land today.

On the other hand, the sea and the fishermen who fish its waters daily bring fresh fish to shops and restaurants such as horse mackerel, sea bream, whiting, anchovies, mackerel, octopus, red mullet, brotola, squid, turbot, sardines, grouper, sole. ..The prized galley stands out among all the products of the sea, a crustacean that in the past was a daily delicacy on the fishermen’s tables due to its abundance. A true delicacy of today that the restorers of Cambrils have added to their menus and to which they dedicate a few days in February.

The culinary offer of Cambrils is perfectly complemented by the wines of the denominations of origin that are produced in its vicinity: DO Tarragona, DO Falset, DO Montsant, DO Conca de Barberà or the DO Priorat, known worldwide for the quality of its wines. .

A town that is proud of its gastronomy and that dedicates a large number of activities to it throughout the year: the calendar begins with the aforementioned days of La Galera in February, the “Encarxofa’t” in Cambrils dedicated to the artichoke during the month of March, the days of romesco (typical Catalan sauce) in May, the tapas routes “Mar de tapas” and “Ruta de tapas” in June, the Cambrils agricultural products exhibition in August, the celebration of the world day of On September 29, the wine and gastronomy exhibition in October covers, and the “fideus rossos” and extra virgin olive oil days in November.

For those who can afford it, Cambrils has two Michelin Star restaurants. Can Bosch, on Rambla Jaime I and Rincón de Diego, on Drassanes street. Although the budget will not limit you as there are many bars and restaurants that offer you the best of our gastronomy for all budgets. In addition to the dozens of quality stores that offer you the best products to taste at home. Great products of the Mediterranean diet at your fingertips!



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