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The best glamping tents in Cambrils

Welcome, adventurer! If you are reading this it is because you are passionate about nature, camping and adventure 🏕 So, you have surely heard of glamping, right? Stay and discover what it is, what its characteristics are and, of course, which are the best glamping tents in Cambrils.

What is glamping

The idea of ​​’camping’ has evolved over the years, so today there are other ways to enjoy nature without giving up the comforts of home. One of them is the well-known glamping trend, a fusion between the words ‘camping’ and ‘glamour’.

Thus, glamping is a form of camping that combines outdoor adventure with luxury or, rather, comfort. Unlike traditional camping, where you sleep in a tent, glamping offers you the opportunity to stay in exclusive accommodations ranging from luxury cabins to specially designed tents with exceptional amenities.

The amenities vary depending on the type of accommodation, but generally have services that are not usually offered in a traditional camp: beds, small kitchens, electricity, running water…

glamping camping caban rafal


We explain some of the main characteristics of glamping accommodations.

Larger space

Glamping tents, in general terms, are usually larger than conventional tents, therefore, the space to move, store belongings and place furniture is much greater.

It is one of the main reasons why the comforts are greater: the space of an accommodation has a lot of influence.

Quality furniture

Normally, in glamping tents you don’t sleep with sleeping bags, but with comfortable beds and regular sheets. In addition, there is usually spacious furniture to place everyone’s belongings. The space, then, resembles that of a home (excepting the differences, of course).

Electricity and connectivity

Although not always, many glamping tents are equipped with electricity, plugs, internet connection, etc., allowing you to charge your devices and stay connected at all times.


Although it is more luxurious or comfortable accommodation, glamping is not far from immersion in nature. Glamping is defined by the experience it offers which, as we have said, combines the comfort of a home with the experience of being in the middle of nature. Therefore, although more comfortable than in a traditional tent, glamping also allows you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the environment.

glamping cataluna

The best glamping tents in Cambrils

Now that you know what glamping tents are and what characteristics they have, we’ll talk to you about the best glamping tents in Cambrils!

Glamping cobricel

At our campsite you can stay in the cobricel glamping tents, a perfect option to savor a different camping experience, due to its safari tent-type structure: the African savanna with a Mediterranean essence .

They are located in one of the most attractive areas of the campsite, quiet and shaded and very close to all the services so that you can enjoy your stay with all the comforts, but without missing out on the authentic camping experience as always.

It has 1 room with a double bed, 1 room with two single beds, 1 living room with equipped kitchen, terrace with porch and parking space.

Glamping rafal

If you prefer to opt for a glamping tent a little more similar to a traditional tent, glamping rafal is what you are looking for. These are cozy and spacious tents ideal for couples, with all the authenticity of camping and the comfort provided by their chill-out style equipment.

You can also stay there with your family and enjoy camping in the Mediterranean in a flexible and pleasant way in an environment with the smell of pine and the taste of the sea.

They consist of an open room with 3 single beds and have a table and chairs and a parking space, as well as a refrigerator, fan, clothesline, etc.

The campsite you are looking for to enjoy the essence of glamping

Our campsite on the Costa Dorada is the ideal place to enjoy the essence of glamping surrounded by a unique environment. Whether you are an adventurer, a couple or a family, at our campsite you will find activities that will totally adapt to your lifestyle. You can live surrounded by nature on the Costa Dorada with all the comforts, just a step away from the most popular tourist attractions in the territory.



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