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Inicio > Day trips near Cambrils: the best of the Costa Dorada

Day trips near Cambrils: the best of the Costa Dorada

If you are planning a stay at our campsite, great day trips near Cambrils await you. That’s right, not only a relaxing and fun experience awaits you at our facilities, but also the opportunity to explore beautiful and culturally rich places in Spain. Cambrils is the perfect starting point for a variety of day trips that will allow you to discover spectacular scenery, historical sites and exciting activities.

At Camping Cambrils Caban we want to make your stay the best… that’s why we present you some ideas to make your getaway the best. Let the adventure begin! 😋

Tarragona, Roman history and beaches

Distance from Cambrils: 20 km (about 20 minutes by car, more or less). Come on, super close!

What can you do in Tarragona?

Roman Amphitheater

Impressive amphitheater built in the second century, which offers incredible panoramic views of the sea. This amphitheater is one of the main attractions of Tarragona. You can tour the ruins and learn about the history of gladiator fights. A must if you are interested in history!

Tarragona Cathedral

This Gothic cathedral, located at the highest point of the city, is an impressive testimony of medieval architecture. Don’t forget to visit its cloister and the Diocesan Museum.

Passing the staircase, the cathedral dazzles by itself. In addition, the surrounding area is full of bars, terraces, stores… A very pleasant atmosphere to spend a different afternoon.

Archaeological Walk

Walk along the well-preserved Roman walls surrounding the old town. What could be better than taking a stroll while contemplating the archaeology still preserved from so many years ago?

Miracle Beach

Relax on this beautiful beach after a day of historical exploration. You can walk from the city center, as it is super close. Nothing better than a good dip to cool off.

Tip #1 😋 Wear comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen, as there are many outdoor areas to explore and the occasional climb.

Ebro Delta Natural Park

Distance from Cambrils: 60 Km (approximately 45 minutes by car). Although it is a little further away than Tarragona, we assure you that it is worth it. Its landscapes, fauna and flora are impressive.

What can we do?

Bird watching

The Ebro Delta is a paradise for birdwatchers, with more than 300 different species. If you are passionate about animals and, in particular, birds, you cannot miss a visit to the Delta. The variety of fauna it offers us is admirable.

Don’t forget your binoculars 👀


Boat trips

Join the boat tour to explore the canals of the Delta and learn about the local fauna and flora. Sometimes, the best way to really soak up the culture and understand its ecosystem is a guided tour given by someone from the area.

Bicycle Ride

There are several signposted routes that will allow you to explore the rice fields, lagoons and pristine beaches on wheels 🚴‍♀️ If you like cycling, you will love riding along the Delta.

What could be better than pedaling surrounded by landscapes worthy of photography?

Tip #2 🤪 Don’t forget to bring water, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Port Aventura World: Fun for the whole family

Distance from Cambrils: 10 kilometers (only about 10 minutes by car). You can even get there by bike!

In Port Aventura you won’t get bored, that’s for sure… 😍

What will you find?


Enjoy a variety of roller coasters and themed attractions at this world-class amusement park. From thrilling roller coasters to a play area for the little ones, there is something for everyone.



Don’t miss the live entertainment throughout the day, including parades and character performances. Whether you are more adrenaline or relax and calm, there is a show made for you. You can check which ones are performing on the day of your visit to better plan your day.

Ferrari Land

Are you a car fanatic? If the answer is yes… you must visit Ferrari Land, a theme park dedicated to the famous Italian car brand 🚗 Would you like to go from 0 to 180km/h in just 5 seconds? The Red Force attraction is waiting for you!

Tip #3 😛 Buy your tickets in advance to avoid long lines and consider a fast pass option to enjoy more attractions in less time and repeat as many times as you want 🎢

Siurana: a charming village and world-class climbing

Distance from Cambrils: 45 kilometers (approximately 1 hour by car).

What will you do?

Town of Siurana

This small mountaintop village offers spectacular views of the Siurana reservoir and the surrounding area. In addition, its cobblestone streets and historic ruins are perfect for a leisurely and super pleasant walk.


Siurana is famous among climbers for its challenging routes and breathtaking views; even if you are not a climber, you can enjoy watching the climbers in action.


There are several hiking trails that will take you through breathtaking landscapes, ideal for a day trip. If walking in the mountains and hiking is your passion, you must visit Siurana without fail.

Tip #4 ⛰ Bring a camera to capture the breathtaking panoramic views 📷

Cambrils is not only a unique destination for its beaches and camping amenities, but it is also the gateway to some of the most exciting and diverse day trips on the Costa Dorada.

From the Roman history of Tarragona to the natural beauty of the Ebro Delta and the adrenaline rush of Port Aventura, there is something for all tastes and ages. So pack your backpack, put on comfortable shoes and head out to explore all that this wonderful region has to offer.

Your next adventure awaits you and so does Camping Cambrils Caban! 🤭


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