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Inicio > The best campsite on the Costa Dorada for families, couples and adventurers.

The best campsite on the Costa Dorada for families, couples and adventurers.

Camping on the Gold Coast is a truly relaxing experience. It is known for its rich landscape, which combines mountainous areas with beaches and beautiful forests. In addition, it also has an enormous cultural heritage: the Gaudí Center of Reus, the Roman amphitheater of Tarragona or the Devil’s Bridge, among many other sites of cultural interest.

Our campsite on the Costa Dorada will allow you to enjoy all these treasures at your fingertips. If you want to enjoy unique and special days surrounded by peace, calm, nature, sea breeze and cultural richness, our campsite is waiting for you.

The campsite on the Costa Dorada to disconnect from the daily routine.

Camping Cambrils Caban is located in the heart of the Costa Dorada. It has numerous plots for tents, caravans and motorhomes, as well as mobile homes, apartments and original and incredible glamping tents. Therefore, our space is for everyone; for families, couples and adventurous souls.

At our campsite on the Costa Dorada we attach great importance to the satisfaction of the traveler. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services and activities to make your camping vacation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We have two swimming pools, one of them exclusively for children under 5 years old, a children’s club, sports and pool activities and nightly musical entertainment.

We also look forward to seeing you in our catering services, divided into 4 areas: the bar, the restaurant, the relaxation area and the ice cream stand.

For activities and services it won’t be! 😁

An ideal campsite to enjoy the wealth of the Costa Dorada

Due to its location, the beach is only 5 minutes walk from our campsite on the Costa Dorada.

In addition, Cambrils is very well connected in terms of bike lanes, so if you are a cyclist, you can take long bike rides to enjoy the countryside and the beach in all its splendor. If you don’t want to or can’t bring your own bicycles (or if you forget), we have a bicycle rental service. Ask us without obligation.

On the Costa Dorada there are many activities to do. For example, you can visit Parc Samà in Cambrils, a botanical garden of more than 14 hectares. You can do nautical activities, go to Port Aventura, (10 minutes by car from our campsite), visit Barcelona… The options are endless.

Hey, if you want to know even more about the region of Catalonia, less than an hour’s drive away you can visit the Ebro Delta, an incredible natural place where you can contemplate the union of the Ebro River with the Mediterranean Sea. This region, rich in both flora and fauna, will allow you a change of scenery during your stay.

Discover the rich gastronomy of the area in our campsite.

In addition to its magical landscapes, the Gold Coast has a rich local culture and an impressive gastronomy. Mediterranean food is finger-licking good.

On the Costa Dorada you will find many typical dishes such as:

Veal stew

It is a typical regional dish made with slow-cooked meat, flour, olive oil, onion, garlic, peppers, bay leaf, tomato, wine, saffron and water. It is a very tasty dish that, believe us, will delight your palate.

Fresh fish and seafood

As the name suggests, the Gold Coast is on the coast, so there is a lot of fishing in this area, and the fish offered here is fresh and locally caught.

Thus, you will find all kinds of fish and seafood, such as sea bream, sea bream or sardines, among many other options.

Imagine yourself sitting on a terrace, looking at the sea and savoring a delicious seafood paella with a good beer. Wow 🤭

Arrossejat (poor rice)

The arrossejat is a typical dish of the coast in the province of Tarragona. This dish was typical of fishermen, of humble origin, who prepared it themselves on board the boats to take advantage of the fish that was not sold.

Now, it is very popular all along the Catalan and Valencian coast. Its particularity is that it uses the system of browning the rice grains in oil before boiling.

Not rich, but richer!


Let’s not forget the calçots, a variety of spring onion. It is one of the typical dishes of the Catalan gastronomy, especially in Valls, and is widely consumed in late winter with romesco sauce, a delicious sauce typical of the area.

As they say around here: “We’re going on a calçotada” 😁.

Where can I taste the specialties of the area?

La Vila Municipal Market, located 10 minutes drive from our campsite on the Costa Dorada. This municipal market will allow you to discover and buy the typical products of the area throughout the week.

Weekly market, on Wednesdays, also located about 10 minutes by car. Here you can taste a wide range of products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, local honey…

The campsite you are looking for

Our campsite on the Costa Dorada is the ideal place to discover our magnificent area and all its treasures. Whether you are an adventurer, a couple or a family, at our campsite you will find activities that will totally adapt to your lifestyle. You will be able to live in the middle of nature on the Costa Dorada with all the comforts, within walking distance of the most popular tourist attractions of the territory.



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