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Inicio > Enjoy a unique vacation in the best Camping Resort in Tarragona

Enjoy a unique vacation in the best Camping Resort in Tarragona

Camper, welcome to our camping resort in Tarragona! Specifically, in Cambrils. If you are looking for the perfect destination for your next vacation, you are in the right place. Our camping resort combines the tranquility and beauty of Cambrils with the comforts and activities of a resort.

In this post we will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your stay in our camping resort.

Read on!

The campsite

In Camping Cambrils Caban we have many services to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible, to make you enjoy the most with your family and friends during the days you stay with us.


Is there a summer without a pool? In our camping resort we believe not. Therefore, you will find two swimming pools, one large and one small, so that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy a nice dip or a moment of relaxation stretched out on the lawn that surrounds them.

With the typical heat of our area, a dip in the sea is a great way to cool off! In addition, during the summer we organize water parties with inflatables. Well, at our campsite, fun is guaranteed 😊.


There is also no vacation without a good soft drink or a good seafood dish, don’t you think? In our camping resort, we have a bar-restaurant located next to the swimming pool, which has a large terrace and a chillout area.

Have a tapa and a beer before lunch, taste the Mediterranean gastronomic offer we have for you, savor a delicious ice cream…

In addition, during the season we organize shows, activities and entertainment for all ages. As you can see, the experience at our campsite is very complete!


Of course, we did not forget about sports. In Camping Cambrils Caban we have a sports area so you can exercise during your stay. Individual sports, ball sports, bike rental… Whatever you are looking for, you will find it! 🏀

Because, hey, it never hurts to do a little sport, even if we’re on vacation. The children would spend the day playing: soccer, basketball, table tennis…!


What is a campsite without bungalows? Nothing! Therefore, in our camping resort we have bungalows of different sizes and capacities so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. So, you are sure to find what you are looking for to enjoy with your family and friends the essence of authentic camping.

Balma apartment. Cozy first floor apartments with access to the garden equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and complete stay.

Apartment Nial. First floor apartments with direct access to the garden, functional and practical, with all the facilities and equipment necessary for a fabulous vacation.

Bungalow Redos. Wooden family bungalows located in a quiet area of the campsite that will allow you to enjoy pleasant and unique days with your family.

Bungalow Pod. Wooden loft-style bungalows ideal for a romantic getaway. An intimate, original and different accommodation that you will love.

Glamping Cobricel. Glamping tents like safari tents, perfect for a different experience. With all the necessary comforts but with the essence of an authentic camper.

Glamping Rafal. Cozy and spacious tents ideal for couples, with all the authenticity of camping and the comfort provided by its chill out style equipment.

Bungalow Acovil / Caseriu. Two independent apartments, with the possibility of connecting through an interior door. Ideal for a few days of rest and relaxation surrounded by Mediterranean flora.


For many, living the true essence of camping is camping. Camping with your own tent, with all that that entails. Let’s get down to work! Therefore, in our camping resort we also offer the possibility of camping on our pitches, whose surroundings are full of nature and Mediterranean flora.

We know that each person has different needs or preferences, therefore, we have different types of plots. From 40 to 110 square meters of surface!


When we say that our campsite has everything you need for a complete vacation, we are not fooling you! We offer you different options of activities to complete your stay in the most fun way possible.

Children’s activities

The life that children give… 🥰 In our campsite we want them to enjoy an incredible and fun vacation, so in our kids club we carry out different activities for all of them. From contests and gymkhanas to drawing workshops, costumes… In addition, we have a free play area where they will have a great time!

Sports animation

We know that going on vacation is synonymous with rest and relaxation… But, hey, a little sport never hurts. That’s why we offer sports activities for everyone at our campsite. Aquagym sessions, zumba classes, table tennis, soccer tournaments…

Swimming pool activities

1, 2, 3… To the water! In our camping resort we also offer water activities in our swimming pool. Sunbathing or relaxing in the shade is great, but an occasional activity from time to time is not bad… 🙌🏻 Enjoy aquagym sessions, water polo or water parties at our campsite.


Complete your fun at our shows! In our campsite we offer a wide variety of musical performances, night shows, etc. to liven up your nights and those of your family. We assure you unique and incredible nights.

The Camping Resort you are looking for in Cambrils

What do you say? Do you want to experience a different kind of vacation at a campsite near the beach? At Camping Cambrils Caban you can enjoy natural beauty combined with comfort, essence and activities.

We are waiting for you here in Cambrils to live the essence of authentic camping!



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