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Beaches in Cambrils near our campsite

Summer is coming and at Camping Cambrils Caban we know it!

Welcome to one of the best campsites on the Costa Dorada where you will find the most beautiful beaches of Cambrils, near our campsite.

For us, the most important thing is that your stay is as comfortable as possible, we will become your second home, where you will find from a traditional camping to plots and bungalows. Tranquility is one of the words that characterizes us the most.

In our campsite you will find different activities, where we will pamper the little ones of the house, but also the older ones.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

For many of our visitors, the proximity to the beaches is one of the main reasons for choosing our campsite as a holiday destination. In our campsite we offer you the opportunity to wake up every morning near the most beautiful beaches and coves around Cambrils.

The variety of beaches in Cambrils allows to satisfy the preferences of everyone, from those seeking tranquility in hidden coves to those looking for water activities.

We offer our guests direct access to our beaches, in Camping Cambrils Caban we strive every day to make your stay unforgettable, where you will fall in love as much as we do with the coastal beauty we have waiting for you.

Beaches in Cambrils that you should know and visit

La Llosa Beach

Fine golden sand, crystal clear and shallow water, ideal for families, you will find tranquility and children will enjoy it so much for their freedom to play.

Vilafortuny Beach

Beach located halfway between the two municipalities of Cambrils and Salou, this beach offers different services; a few steps you can find playgrounds, restaurants, beach bars. In addition, if you don’t have a sun lounger or parasol, they give you the option of renting a sun lounger or parasol.

Solitari Cove

Hidden between cliffs and surrounded by vegetation, Solitari cove gives you the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy serenity next to one of the best views, offering unique crystal clear waters. In addition, its scenery allows you to capture beautiful photographs.

Cavet Beach

Turquoise waters, coarse golden sand, this is our Cavet beach. It has a beautiful promenade, which also has showers and lifeguards. This beach is connected by a bike path, which allows everyone to access it directly.

If you want to discover more beaches in Cambrils, click here 😊.

How to get to the beaches from our campsite in Cambrils?

Exploring the different beaches of Cambrils from our campsite is easy, since we have a good location. We leave you with several options:

Walking or biking: for those who prefer an active experience and enjoy a good coastal scenery, walking or biking is a good option. From our campsite guests can easily access coastal routes or bike paths leading to nearby beaches. Enjoying fresh air and good views is always a good option.

Car or motorcycle: For those who prefer the comfort and flexibility of traveling in their own vehicle, reaching the beaches by car is an excellent option. From our campsite, the beaches in Cambrils are usually within easy reach by car or motorcycle, with easy access to parking lots near the coast. This option is ideal for families who wish to take with them what they need for a good day out.

Public transportation: Cambrils has a well-developed public transportation system. Local buses offer regular and reliable service, with convenient stops. As a guest, you can check bus schedules and routes to plan your trip to the beaches without inconveniences.

What games can I play at the beach with children and adults?

Beach Volleyball: If you go with your family, the first thing to do is to organize an exciting game of volleyball on the sand. All you will need is a portable net and a volleyball and… Enjoy!

Sandcastles: Have fun building sandcastles on the beach. You can do it with the little ones, but you can also challenge your friends to see who can build the prettiest castle. Bring out the child in you 🤭.

Frisbee: Throw the frisbee with your friends! It is an active game, so take the opportunity to organize individual or team matches to add excitement to the game.

Search for seashells: Ideal for playing with the little ones at home, walking along the shore and collecting shells of all kinds and varieties. Then, let your imagination run wild: create souvenirs, necklaces, bracelets, decorations… Its versatility is very wide!

Paddle: Play paddle ball with a friend or family member and stay active and entertained at the beach. Make sure the ball doesn’t fall and you can beat your opponent 😜.

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