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St. John’s Eve

St. John’s Eve

On the night of June 23 to 24, one of the most magical nights of the year is celebrated. Every year, in different parts of the world, bonfires are lit in celebration of San Juan (St. John).

According to the Bible, it marks the date on which Sant Juan the Baptist was born, since Zacharias ordered a bonfire to be lit to announce the birth of his son Juan. In addition, it is on these dates that the summer solstice occurs and it is the shortest night of the year, for which dances are held, or dinners with family and/or friends.

In Catalonia, they light the bonfires of San Juan with the fire of the Canigó Flame. From the very top of the mountain, the llama is collected and begins a journey through the villages, through a long chain of relays on foot, by bicycle, by car…
In this way, the fire that comes from the mountain illuminates the popular festivals that take place around the fire, as a symbol of the persistence and vitality of Catalan culture.

From the La Corona campsite we encourage you to celebrate this great evening in Cambrils or Salou that will be marked by traditional acts, such as the timbalada of the Devils of Cambrils and a song and dance of Sardanes, as well as orchestras and fireworks in Salou.

We hope you have a happy festival in good company, with friends and family!