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Sama Park

colonial beauty

Samà Park is a 14-hectare historic garden just 5 km from Cambrils that was created at the end of the 19th century by the modernist architect Josep Fontseré with the help of a young Antoni Gaudí as an apprentice.

The idea of creating the park was born from the will of Salvador Samà, Marqués de Marianao and heir to a rich Catalan family established in Cuba, who wanted to reproduce the exoticism of the Americas and the colonial style.

A park was built with all kinds of trees that are still preserved today, lakes and fountains, several stately buildings where the Marianao family lived, and cages for the many animals that at the time inhabited the park’s zoo.

You can enjoy a nice walk under century-old trees and their shadows during the hot summer days or eat a picnic in the picnic area. There is also a small play area for children. You have to pay entrance.

In summer the tourist train from Cambrils goes to the same park.

For more information: Parc Samà