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Walled city

Montblanc is the capital of the Conca del Barberà region, a territory located inside the Tarragona region, just 44 km from Cambrils.

The city has one of the best preserved historical cases in Catalonia, declared a monumental and artistic complex due to its importance.

The town celebrates one of the most notable festivals on the Catalan cultural scene. This is the Medieval Week, during which the entire town goes back to the 14th century. For a few days its people become merchants, artisans and lords. A week of celebrations in which you can see legendary representations of Sant Jordi, buy handicrafts in the medieval market, witness an encounter between dragons and devils, enjoy an exquisite medieval dinner or attend a representation of the Catalan Courts that celebrated in the town in the Middle Ages. Medieval Week is celebrated in April, around the 23rd, the day of the Sant Jordi festival.

Outside of Medieval Week, Montblanc is a beautiful town to get lost in its historic center. You can start the tour along Calle Mayor, visit the church of Santa María la Mayor, -with a very beautiful baroque-style façade and which houses one of the most important baroque organs in Catalonia inside-; go up to the map of Santa Bárbara to admire the views of the entire wall and the church of Santa María la Mayor or contemplate the outer wall from the Baluard de Santa Anna. Finally, you will be able to tour the wall of Sant Jordi to the Torre Portal de Sant Jordi, where the Catalan writer Joan Amades staged the legend of Sant Jordi.

Right at the entrance to Montblanc you will find the Tourist Office.

In addition to its medieval past, the town also offers prehistoric remains: 11 sets of cave paintings and Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age sites declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1998.

For nature lovers, the Conca de Barbera offers a very changing landscape of vineyards, wheat and forests. Three long-distance GRS cross its territory: 175 of the Cistercian Route -the most emblematic of the region-; the GR7 and the GR171, which together with short-distance trails will take you to enjoy its territory whether you opt for hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding.

The typical products of the Conca de Barberà region that you cannot fail to try are carquiñolis from l’Espluga de Francolí (sweet pastries), montblanquins (sweet pastries), chestnuts from Vilanova de Prades, cocas de recapte and the wines and cavas of the DO Conca de Barberà. A whole world of flavors at your disposal!

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