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Let’s take care of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea or “Mare Nostrum” as it was called during the Roman Empire, is the second largest inland sea in the world. A natural treasure that provides us with part of the oxygen we breathe, it is an important source of food and medicine, it is one of the places with the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world, as well as an essential part of the biosphere.

Living near the sea provides many benefits for the human body, since the marine environment relaxes the body and mind; the salty sea breeze, rich in iodine and sea salts, cleanses the lungs and favors our immune system; vitamin D, which we absorb from the sun, strengthens our body; the greater ambient oxygen benefits our sleep and our heart rate; the salts present in seawater promote wound healing and are a source of magnesium; Walking on the beach has a positive effect on joints and muscles, and swimming or diving improves circulation. All this, together with a diet recognized throughout the world for being rich and healthy, a benevolent climate and an ancient culture, make the Mediterranean area one of the best places in the world to live.

However, to preserve this wealth that nature has given us, we must adapt our modern way of life to be compatible with the Mediterranean Sea, as well as its fauna and flora. The main human aggressions towards the sea are overfishing, pollution, global warming, mass tourism in non-adapted areas and excessive urbanism in the coastal strip.

There is currently an environmental emergency in the Mediterranean Sea caused by plastic pollution, which has made it the most polluted sea on the planet.

Our daily routines include a lot of plastic, which has caused our coasts to be full of what is known today as “garbage”, that is, the waste that humans generate and abandon in nature, thus altering ecosystems and damaging the environment. environment.

Individually, as responsible people, users and lovers of the marine environment, we can do some things to reduce our waste and contribute to the fight to save the Mediterranean. Here are some easy and simple tips for you to make your contribution:

Use your own bag when you go shopping. Choose reusable items, buy in bulk, and bring reusable containers to the store.
Use a tupperware, and not aluminum foil for the sandwich.
In the kitchen, use cloth rags and napkins instead of kitchen paper.
Take your own bottle of water and fill it up, you will reduce the amount of containers you use.
Take care of the beaches and the seabed, when you go to enjoy the beach, take your waste with you to prevent it from ending up in the water.
If you smoke, do not throw the butts on the ground, the rain ends up dragging them into the sea.
Use biodegradable products, such as biodegradable sunscreen that, once dissolved in the sea, will not harm the fish
Reduce energy consumption, turn off the light when you don’t need it, use energy-saving lamps, and whenever you can, leave the car in the garage and walk.
Do not buy products that exploit marine life, avoid buying jewelry or decorative elements that come from starfish, turtles, sharks or whales.
Become a friend of the sea, participate if you can in a collective beach cleaning action and support organizations that work to protect the sea.
From Camping La Corona we want to promote responsible tourism and make our campers aware of the importance of respecting the Mediterranean Sea.

Together, we can reduce the amount of plastic we consume and consequently, the amount we dump into our sea.

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