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With the payment of reservation confirmation and/or payment of the stay, the internal regulations of Camping Cambrils Caban (the Campsite), the Personal Data Protection Policy and these conditions are accepted.

The reception hours are from 08:00 to 22:00 and the circulation of vehicles is allowed between 7:00 and 24:00.


  • The pitches will be available from 13:00. The maximum time allowed to set up tents is 22:00.
  • The accommodations will be available Bungalows, Apartments and Glampings will be available from 16:00. Upon arrival, review the inventory of the accommodation and in case of absences, notify reception for replacement.

If you arrive before the hour, you can enter the premises after checking-in.

If you arrive after the arrival date, without prior written notice, the reservation will be held until the next day at 12:00 noon for plot reservations, and until 4:00 p.m. in all other cases. After this period, the reservation will be considered canceled, leaving the unit available to the establishment for sale. Neither late arrival nor early departure entitles to discounts, returns or refunds.


  • The pitch will be left free and without elements or abandoned waste before 12:00.
  • Accommodations: will be left in perfect condition before 10:00. At the time of check-out, the accommodation will be reviewed and, if applicable, the full amount of the deposit will be returned between 2 and 7. They must leave the accommodation in perfect condition without damage and with the furniture, household items and other elements in the original location. They must remove all their belongings, garbage and leftover food from the cupboards; the fridge must be empty and clean. If this is not the case, €30 will be deducted for order and cleaning. In case of loss of the TV controls it is €20.


Reservations will not be firm until you have paid 40% of the total amount of the stay (credit card or bank transfer) and receive confirmation of your reservation in writing. Review and verify the reservation data. In case of errors it is the responsibility of the owner to notify it immediately in writing to the email hola@campingcambrilscaban.com The prices may vary until the moment of confirmation of the reservation.

Only the reservation holder can make modifications and/or cancellations in writing to the following e-mail address hola@campingcambrilscaban.com. Modifications of dates, type of contracted unit, occupants or extras will be subject to availability and the rate in force at the time of the modification will be applied.

The budgets indicated by the reception or obtained online will be valid for 7 days, unless otherwise stated by the reception.

When reserving a pitch, they must indicate in advance if they will come with a tent, caravan, van or motorhome and ensure that the contracted plot has the appropriate dimensions.

In no case can the occupancy of the contracted units be exceeded, including children. In pitches the maximum occupancy is 6 people and in accommodation it depends on the contracted model. Make sure that the contracted unit allows the entry of pets (dogs considered dangerous are not allowed in any case).

In case of cancellation of reservation the cancellation conditions are the following:

  • If the cancellation is produced with 30 days in advance or more to the day of the contracted arrival, they will repay the full refund of the payment to the account, deducting €25 for cancellation fees.
  • If the cancellation occurs with 15 to 30 days in advance On the contracted day of arrival, 50% of the reservation paid will be refunded, as long as 50% of it is equal to or greater than €25, if it is less, no amount will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the contracted arrival date, no amount will be refunded.

The cancellation policy when booking promotions or offers may be different and will be indicated when making the reservation.

In case of overbooking or any other justified reason, the Campsite reserves the right to cancel the reservation within a maximum period of 48 hours from the reservation and if the advance payment has been paid, it will be fully refunded.


To reduce waiting times we recommend that you use our ONLINE CHECK-IN service.

Before entering the campsite you must:

  • Register all the people included in the stay, presenting an official identity document for those over 14 years of age.
  • Register the license plate, model and color of your vehicle.
  • Pay the entire stay and the corresponding Tourist Tax (*), preferably by credit card or up to a maximum of 1,000 Euros in cash. Checks are not accepted.
  • Pay the deposit of €80 for each accommodation, as a guarantee against any damages that may be caused. The Campsite reserves the right to request a deposit of €50 as a guarantee for stays in pitches. The payment and return of the deposits must be made with the same credit card.
  • Put on the identification bracelet, which must be worn at all times in a visible place on the wrist.

At the time of check-in, the Campsite reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it verifies that the data provided by the client does not correspond to reality.


Whenever possible and without it being an obligation for the Campsite, we offer the client the possibility of choosing the pitch or accommodation number. Once the pitch or accommodation has been assigned, no changes are allowed without the written consent of the reception.

In case of justified cause, the Camping for its part, reserves the right to modify the chosen accommodation, without having to compensate for the inconvenience caused.


  • (*) Amount of tourist tax: €0.66 per person and day, up to a maximum of 7 days for people over 16 years of age (Law 5/2012).
  • The Campsite establishes a minimum number of nights of stay according to the period and type of accommodation.
  • The accommodation and pitch rate includes a car. Depending on availability, parking for a second car can be arranged.
  • Stays can only be extended with prior confirmation of receipt.
  • The rental price of the sheets is €7 per person for the entire stay and is subject to availability.
  • In case of staying in a plot you cannot rent sheets. Towels cannot be rented.
  • Domestic animals are allowed (with the exception of dogs classified as dangerous) paying the corresponding fee, up to a maximum of two pets in all pitches, a maximum of one pet in the Nial and Balma Apartments, as well as a pet weighing less than 10 kg in the Redos Bungalows.
  • The Campsite is not responsible for objects or valuables that are not deposited in the rental safes located at the Reception.
  • The Campsite reserves the right to limit services for justified reasons. The information offered through the Campsite website fulfills an indicative function, but has no contractual value.
  • The schedules of scheduled activities are indicative and may be subject to change.

In case of breach of the internal rules and / or conditions of the stay, Camping Cambrils Caban will be terminated the contract of the stay and the holder and his companions must leave the campsite without being entitled to a refund of the period not enjoyed.



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