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Gastronomy, water sports and calm beaches

Cambrils is a town that lives facing the sea both for fishing and for the increasingly numerous nautical activities that are practiced in its waters: sailing, paddle surfing, windsurfing, Latin sailing, catamaran, etc.

The weather conditions are good during most of the year, although these are lands where the Mestral wind that comes from the mountains blows with considerable intensity for many days a year.

Traditionally it has been a town divided between the part of the town and the part of the port, and even its inhabitants are quite different, coming from one place and another.

In the port you will find beaches, bars, restaurants, a tourist atmosphere, water sports… and in the town you will find a more traditional Catalan atmosphere, linked to the countryside and agriculture.

The old part of the town is very beautiful to walk around and see the traditional Catalan houses, streets full of flowers and balconies with clothes drying in the air.

On Wednesdays the street market is held on Paseo Albert, which passes next to the Alforja stream that runs through the town. A market where you will find clothing, footwear, food products and much more.

Cambrils enjoys 9 kilometers of beaches that stretch both to the east and to the west. Those in the west are called La Llosa beaches and Vilafortuny extends to the east.

Cambrils has traditionally been recognized throughout Catalonia for the high quality of its restaurants, among which Can Bosch and Casa Gallau stand out. Although today you will find a large number of places that offer you the best Catalan and seafood cuisine.

You can also enjoy a large number of festivals throughout the year: concerts, exhibitions, major and popular festivals…

It is a very active town in summer that rests during winter, losing a large part of its tourists. Although it is undoubtedly a place with a great quality of life and that enjoys the best of the sea and the land in a few kilometers. Perhaps that is the secret of his success…

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